How to remove pet odour?

How to remove pet odour?

Pet odor can be a difficult thing to overcome especially with our four-legged friends living in the same room you are trying to carpet clean! Luckily, using these tips will help keep your home free of pet odors.

  • CARPET CLEAN OFTEN – This is your primary defense against pet odor and allergens. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum once per week per resident of your home (including your pets). Identify your high traffic areas help you know exactly where to clean weekly.

  • CLEAN OFTEN AND CLEAN EARLY – Often pet odor lingers even after it’s cleaned up! If an accident isn’t cleaned up right away, urine, vomit or other stinky bio-organic liquids can seep down into your carpet below the surface. Light cleaning may remove the majority of the carpet stain but residual odors remain if you don’t deep clean your carpet.

  • SCENTED SHAMPOO AND DEODORIZER – Kirby Carpet Shampoo has a wonderful lavender fragrance that makes your home smell clean and fresh. After your carpet dries, apply HomeFresh Carpet Deodorizer before vacuuming to enhance the fragrance level in your home.


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