How to – Vacuum Cleaner Videos


How to change Kirby bag:

First make sure your outer bag is unzipped and the top adaptor is pulled out. Take a new disposable bag out of the packaging. Then, rest the cardboard faceplate of the disposable filter bag against the bottom of the adaptor. Pivot the faceplate against the flat surface of the adaptor and bend and press the tab at the top of the faceplate until it’s secure. The bag support strap should be connected through the small hole on the adaptor, which is over the stud. Once connected, place the whole bag inside the outer bag and close the zipper.

How to install the Power Nozzle:

First you’ll want to pull the belt lifter handle on the Power Nozzle, or the head of the vacuum, toward you and turn it counterclockwise until the red arrows line up. The hook should catch and stretch the belt inside the nozzle.Then, raise the headlight hood. Reset the two hooks on the back of the nozzle on the attaching bar, which is located on the front of the unit.

Press the nozzle against the unit and secure with the Accessory Lock. Then, pull the belt lifter handle toward you again and turn it clockwise until the green arrows line up. (See page 22 of the owner manual).

How to adjust the Power Nozzle height:

To adjust the height of your vacuum, use the toe-touch control that is located over the front wheel. The numbered settings are for carpet and floors.
The dotted settings are for accessories and other cleaning needs. First, turn the unit on and press the toe-touch upper control pedal as often as necessary to lower the Power Nozzle to its lowest setting. Press the toe-touch lower control pedal one notch at a time to raise it to your preferred height. Listen for each click as it raises or lowers.

One click is for deep pile carpeting.

Two clicks are for long fiber carpeting.

Three clicks are for pet hair removal.

Four clicks and up are for hose and attachments.

How to install the hose:

Make sure your unit is turned off and is unplugged, and the Power Nozzle is removed (see page 22 of the owner manual). Once removed, wipe down the motor shaft. Then place the hooks off the attachment hose over the attaching bar. Push the hose against the unit and turn the accessory lock clockwise to lock it in place. Lower the headlight hood and turn unit on for use.

How to install the handheld:

Converting your upright vacuum into a portal cleaner gives you the power to conveniently clean your stairs or bed mattresses. First, make sure your unit is turned off and unplugged. The Tech Drive Power Assist should also be in neutral. Take off the outer bag by pressing the Bag Release Button. Then, remove the cord from the handle and push the handle release button at the bottom of the unit as your pull the the upright handle straight up and out of the slot. Once those are removed, insert the portable handle into the slot where the upright handle was connected. Bend the the outer bag in half and insert the bag latch tab into the slot of the handle with the zipper facing up.

How to use the Tech Drive (Drive Mode):

Tech Drive Power Assist will make it easy to push and pull the vacuum when in use. First turn the Tech Drive Power Assist on by pressing down on the side of the pedal marked as “D” for drive. This makes it easy to use while operating the unit.

  • Easily move the Kirby system while vacuuming, shampooing carpet or scrubbing hard floors.

How to use the Tech Drive (Neutral Mode):

Put the Tech Drive in neutral by pressing down on the side of the pedal marked “N”. The unit will move easily in neutral when turned off.

  • Easily move the Kirby system while not in operation
  • Vacuum hard floors
  • Polishing hardwood floors with Miracle Shine High Gloss Floor Finish

How to change a belt

To change out a belt, use the handle, turn the nozzle belt lifter on your Power Nozzle clockwise until the green arrows line up. Turn the the Power Nozzle over and pull up on the belt to loosen and remove the brush roll that is currently inserted. Remove the current belt by sliding it off the brush roll then install a new belt in it’s place. Insert brush roll back in the power nozzle. While you are pushing up on the belt with your finger, use the handle on the belt lifter to turn it counterclockwise until the red arrows line up. The belt lifter hook will catch and stretch belt. Install the Power Nozzle back on the Kirby system and rotate the belt lifter until the green arrows line up.